The Advantages of Our Small Group Tours

Joie de Provence Tours, LLC provides 10-day tours to Provence, France for small groups of no more than seven persons. Based at a small luxury hotel in Fontaine-du-Vaucluse, we will visit medieval hilltop villages of cobbled streets and outdoor cafes, wineries, olive groves, lavender fields, Roman ruins, markets, museums and fiord-like calanques on the Mediterranean Sea.  You will have time to linger over exquisite meals at intimate, authentic Provencial restaurants providing culinary experiences you will long remember.

The beautiful Provençal countryside with its incredible clarity of light inspired many great artists such as Cezanne, Renoir, and Van Gogh. It will inspire you too, and leave you with a lasting feeling of well-being.

Vacationing in Provence with Joie de ProvenceSM Tours renews your spirit and provides a buoyant exultation of life.  Join us and experience the joy that is Provence!

Joie de Provence SM Tours offers you entry into this magical part of France

One advantage of our small group tours is that it avoids the “cattle car” feel that sometimes accompanies large coach tours. With large bus tours, just getting everyone on and off the bus can take a lot of time. Waiting in line eats into your vacation time. Our small group tours can be accommodated by intimate local restaurants that provide truly individualized gourmet meals. We travel on scenic back roads and  into old parts of villages that are off limits to larger vehicles. And with only a few fellow travelers, you will feel like you are on a personalized vacation.

Small Group Tours Allow for Flexibility

When an opportunity arises that is not planned, it is easy for a small group to make changes. For example, if we are enjoying a wine tasting and the vintner asked if we would like to go into the vineyard and harvest grapes for an hour, we could choose to take him up on that and enjoy a special unexpected experience. One never knows when such opportunities can arise, but as a small group we have the flexibility to take advantage of the moment. It’s all part of the Joie de Provence!

Guided Tours Provide Planning, Navigating, and best of all Stress-free Touring

Touring on your own can be great, but it does take advance planning, correspondence for reservations, and the potential of missing some of the best places and experience, just from lack of knowing the area. Joie de ProvenceSM Tours takes care of all that! Your hotel, itinerary, restaurants, events and transportation are all taken care of for you. At the same time, we realize that free time is important to you as well, so we have scheduled plenty of time for you to kick back and relax or enjoy other activities throughout your vacation.